Tangkhuls are Meetei tribes

The Meetei goddess, Nongpok Ireima is a Tangkhul women. She was married to a Meetei king Tabungba. Today, Meetei worships the Tangkhul woman as a Goddess and presence of Tangkhul brothers and sisters is a mandatory during Lai Haraoba of Ima Nongpok Ireima.

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Luira Phanit Festival of Tangkhul Tribe

Luira Phanit is one of the most important festivals of Tangkhul community residing in Manipur. This is very auspicious for the community. Luira Phanit or Luita Phanit is widely celebrated at Poi (Pui), Shirui, Lunghar, Longpi, Hunphun and various other villagers in Ukhrul districts of Manipur.