About Us

We are happy to promote our culture, language and identity globally. That is why we say, The Manipur Journal is for global identity. We need to preserve our past for a great future!

The Manipur Journal is one of the many selfless dedication done by the courageous people from the region. This is to unite the region.

We venture out to mark a powerful presence in the current global media industry. Our mission is to preserve the culture, globalize our identity and unite the communities.

The Manipur Journal is a platform for every ethnic communities that needs global recognition. We are here to promote everyone in an unbiased and multiperspectival approach.

Clearly, our identity is under threat. We see our ideologies, customs, and traditions give way to the media influences of other mixed cultures. The preservation of our unique identity has become a challenge rather than something we can take for granted.

We need a media to preserve, globalize and promote ourselves.

The Manipur Journal is for the native and scattered ethnic communities of Northeast India like Ao, Adi, Anal, Aimol, Angami, Ahom, Bodo, Chakmas, Chru, Dimasha, Hmar, Kom, Karbi, Kabui, Khasi, Konyak, Garo, Lushai, Jaintia, Mao, Maram, Maring, Mising, Apatani, Meetei, Poumai, Sema, Chakesang, Tangkhul, Thangal etc.

TMJ was first published as magazine in February 2009. After publishing series of hard copies, we started the online edition of the Journal for wider reach.

Our Motto is “Unity for Global Identity”

Editor of The Manipur Journal is Naorem Mohen. With Masters Degree in Mass Communication, Naorem writes about the history of invincible Meetei Civilization.