Meetei Relationship With Paite and Lushai

The modern day history of Manipur is incomplete without Paite, Lushai and Khongjai. Do you know…

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Revival of sanamahism in Manipur

Do You Know Sanamahism Is the Oldest Religion

Do you know which is the oldest religion in the World? Sanamahism is the oldest religion…

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Sacred stone monuments at Anal Khullen shows Anal tribes worships Ibudhou Wangpuren

Do You Know Anal Tribes Worship Ibudhou Wangpuren

Do you know the Anal tribes living in the Chandel districts of Manipur worships Ibudhou Wangpuren…

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Tug of war between tangkhul men and women during luira phanit festival is very enjoyable

Enjoy Luira Phanit Festival of Tangkhul Tribe

Luira Phanit festival of Tangkhul is one of the most important festivals. This is very auspicious…

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Thangal tribes are closely related to Meetei tribes

Relationship Between Meetei And Thangal Tribes

Legend has a touching story about the relationship between Meetei and Thangal tribes of modern day…

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Agriculture started in Manipur and different rice varieties are found in Manipur

Agriculture Started In Manipur 40000 Years Ago

The ancestors of Meetei race, the Lai people who choose the peak of Koubru Mountain and…

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